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Let me paint a picture for you and see if you can relate: You’re standing in your kitchen, gorgeous ingredients just procured, and your ready to blow everyone (or just yourself) away with your incredible cooking skills. You fire up your stovetop and let the sizzle begin!

Suddenly, you realize you forgot to cut up something to add to your pan (PANIC.) You turn your back to the stovetop for what seems like seconds and whatever was in your frying pain is basically on fire/completely charred, and hot oil is sputtering all over the place. It’s a slow descent into cooking hell from there resulting in frayed nerves, a subpar dish, plus it looks like a bomb went off in your kitchen by the time you are done cooking. Sound familiar?  [peekaboo_content]

I have done this so many times I cannot even tell you. I always felt so inadequate next to people who cook up an incredible storm and have, like, 2 pans to  rinse out at the end of it all. WTF??? HOW DO THEY DO IT?

The answer: Mise en place. Literally means, put it in place.

I learned this skill during a cooking class and while some of you may be doubled over laughing right now at how dumb I am not to have thought of it before…well, I didn’t.

Prepping your ingredients beforehand will make you a better cook (and a better person). I promise. Dice and measure up everything you need before you even think about turning on the stovetop. Cut carrots, dice herbs, measure flour, and put it all in little bowls laid out in front of you. I usually do this while watching Real Housewives of Whatever-City, and it makes time fly.

Once you have everything organized, pre-measured and diced, and laid out in front of you (just like a cooking show!) you can get to cooking.

I cut a deal with my husband when we got married. I’ll do the shopping and cook. He does the dishes and the laundry. Now because of my Mise en Place skills, his dishes duties are minimal… Laundry is another issue. [/peekaboo_content] [peekaboo]Content [/peekaboo]

MISE EN PLACE, PEOPLE! I promise you won’t regret it.

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