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– We followed this recipe for this post-

How many people does it take to replicate a Lady M Crepe Cake? Apparently, the answer is 3.

Some background: When it comes to cakes, it doesn’t get more chic than a Lady M crepe cake. Not only are the cakes beautiful to look at, they taste like H-E-A-V-E-N. Recently, as I was digging into a second (OK, third) piece at a friend’s baby shower,[peekaboo_content] I wondered if I could make this at home? I mean, it’s just crepes and some kind of cream filling. I ‘ve watched people make crepes, so that makes me an expert! I can do it!

A few days later, I got an email from Athena Calderone of Eyeswoon asking me if I wanted to cook with her and I was like “OMG PERFZ!” Athena is one of those people who is always perfectly put together, has a beautiful house that she decorated all by herself, and her Eyeswoon blog is full of pictures of food she prepares perfectly. I figured that I could show up at her place with all the crepe cake ingredients and sit back while she threw together the perfect cake that I would then take credit for. Damn, I’m smart!


Well, it was not quite that easy. 3 hours later we had blown through half our crepe batter with not one single pretty (or even whole) crepe. The photographer, Winnie, got involved and she managed to crank out one or two good crepes, but whenever Athena or myself would touch the pan, the crepe would come out all deformed – CLEARLY, NOT LADY M ACCEPTABLE. We started panicking and left Athena’s place to scour the neighborhood for proper crepe equipment. When that didn’t happen, we searched for a place to buy crepes so that at least we could have something to shoot. Sadly, all we came home with was a metal spatula.

Surprisingly, the metal spatula did help us to crank out 10 good crepes, which at that point felt like a huge victory (we all hugged each other). We layered our crepes in cream, stacked them up, covered the cake in powdered sugar and WHOA did it taste good. I wouldn’t say that our crepe cake can compete with the exquisite delicacy of a Lady M Cake, but it was pretty damn good.

So look, I am on the fence about this one….Despite the panic, Athena and I had a blast trying, failing, then ultimately succeeding in making the crepe cake. If I was alone, on the other hand, I likely would have had a total breakdown. Also, the cake tasted great, but it was more than 3 hours of labor. However, if we had had the right instruments, it might have taken just an hour… HMMM… I am going give this one a WORTH IT WITH AN “IF”: The “if” being it’s worth it to try this if you have don’t have access to a Lady M bakery or if you don’t have $80 to burn on a cake. If you have $80 to burn on a cake, then Lady M’s phone number is 212-452-2222 and don’t try this at home.
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Also, this recipe should not take you half a day like it did for us, if you have the following procedures in place:


  1. Make your crepe batter and cream filling the night before (this does not take long…see recipe for instructions)
  2. You don’t HAVE TO have a crepe pan, but it’s definitely good to have. BUT you definitely need a good SHALLOW frying pan that has rounded edges.
  3. Place a small amount of crepe batter in the middle of your hot pain and very quickly swirl the batter around so that it becomes a thin layer that covers the entire pan. If you have holes, you can QUICKLY add in more batter to rectify.
  4. Learn from our mistakes and DON’T EVEN TRY TO PULL THIS THIS WITH A SILICONE SPATULA. Get a metal spatula and save yourself wasted batter, wasted time, and a wounded spirit.
  5. The powdered sugar so go on at the verrryyy last minute before you serve because the cake will absorb most of it if it’s just sitting there.




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