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Uptown-Downtown Shandy

I brought this to a summer backyard BBQ so my date, who wasn’t a huge beer fan, would have something a little different to drink.  A few people saw me making it and asked to try, and it got great reviews all around for being easy-drinking and refreshing on a hot day.

Uptown-Downtown Shandy

The recipe is my take on the classic St-Germain shandy, which uses pilsner beer. But St-Germain is an elegant liqueur, so I like pairing it with plain old Bud instead of the pilsner, which is generally available only as an import or craft brew. Plus, I've found a surprising number of stores don't carry any pilsner, but they all sell Bud.


6 oz Budweiser (Note: No need to strictly measure the beer.  Just use half a 12 oz bottle or can.)
1 oz  St-Germain (elderflower liqueur)
0.75 oz Fresh lemon juice
Squeezed half of the lemon




  1. Pour ingredients into a pint glass half-filled with ice and stir together.
  2. Drop one of the lemon halves that you’ve already juiced into the glass and push it down under the ice, so the oils from the rind get into the mix. Having the lemon half hanging out in the drink when you serve it is part of its rough charm, I think, but feel free to fish it out before serving if it offends your aesthetics.

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