2 Ingredient Pizza Dough Recipe Vegetarian

2-Ingredient Pizza Dough

Raise your hand if making pizza from from scratch sounds simultaneously elating and soul crushing. For me, a homemade pizza was something that always felt just beyond my reach. The foodie in me wants to do it, but my impatient side rolls it’s eyes, exclaims “yeah right!”, and moves my hand toward the Seamless app on my phone. Any dough recipe I have found just confirmed my suspicion that this would be a major pain in the ass….

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Broccoli Leaf - Impatient Foodie Food for Thought

How To Tackle Food Waste When You’re Impatient

The issue of food waste has recently become a hot button topic. It’s not just a matter of wasted resources and money (the average American household of four people wastes more than two million calories of food with a value of nearly $1,500 each year), it also has to do with global warming. Millions of pounds of food scraps make their way to landfills every year where they release methane gas as they decompose….

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Homemade Tortellini by Impatient Foodie Worth It Not Worth It

Worth It/Not Worth It: Tortellini

Tortellini needs to work on its image. When you think of tortellini, perhaps it’s of those awful mini “3 Cheese” morsels that come frozen? Or maybe it’s the delicious few you had at a trendy Italian restaurant? With emphasis on the word “few” because restaurants are often stingy with the portions when it comes to serving these delicate, handmade parcels….

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Turkey Sandwich - Eva Amurri Martino of Happily Eva After Food for Thought

My Teen Angst And A Turkey Sandwich

By Eva Amurri Martino of Happily Eva After – As a self-professed foodie and somebody who celebrates all things organic and farm-to-table, I’m embarrassed to admit that the first food item I became totally obsessed with was a deli sandwich.  The object of my lust was a turkey sandwich made at deli close to my Middle School – three inches of shaved, processed turkey stacked high on a white crusty roll with globs of mayonnaise, …

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