SPICED NUTS + OLIVES // APHRODITE (VENUS) – Ambrosia & Aperitivo


No Valentine’s Day dinner would be complete without Aphrodite (AKA Venus), Goddess of Love and Beauty. While her son Eros (you know him as Cupid) is working his big night, Aphrodite gets to kick back and share a special wine that is normally reserved exclusively for the Gods on Mount Olympus, called Ambrosia. Mortals can get a taste by way of supermodel and actress Carole Bouquet’s absolutely delectable and sweet passito wine, Sangue D’Oro. We also imagined that Aphrodite would have brought a platter of traditional Greek finger foods, including herbed olives, spiced honey nuts, and pomegranate. These hand-delivered bites have a way of drawing attention to your mouth. Just sayin’…

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