Introducing Breaking Bread With

I am no relationship expert, but I’d say that listening is the most critical pillar of any solid relationship. For example, if you have a fight with your good friend or significant other, you might not agree with what their saying, or even understand how or why you offended them, but have to listen and try to cultivate some form of empathy and understanding. That simple (OK, sometimes not so simple) act is a fundamental part of creating and cultivating mutual respect and goodwill. Judging from the recent Presidential election that we’re all so proud of, I think it’s safe to say that true listening is severely lacking in the media and that means it’s missing in our society generally speaking.

When we say we are “breaking bread” with someone it implies not just the act of splitting an actual bread roll (obviously), but also of a shared experience, an opportunity to spend time and to get to know another person, to really see and experience their humanity. The inspiration behind Impatient Foodie’s new podcast Breaking Bread With is to interview people who haven’t been listened to, either through misrepresentation or under representation in the media. All too often, our tabloid culture over simplifies people, perspectives,  stories, and issues that are, in reality, highly complex. In my opinion this has multiple insidious effects: Namely that it discourages critical thinking, lowers the bar on public discourse, and can carelessly damage or ruin lives and reputations.

 My goal with Breaking Bread With is to make a tiny contribution toward calm, collected conversation. To humanize those who have been misunderstood or deserve more of a platform to explain their ideas, points of view, and experiences. We will be releasing this podcast about once a month. Stay tuned…

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