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Breaking Bread With… Jill Greenberg

Imagine you wake up one fine morning and find that you are all over the news, but not in a good way. Megan Kelly is coming after you, The NY Post is calling you on the phone asking for comment, people are publicly declaring that they are “looking into suing you.” That would be a pretty scary, right? Well, that – and much more –is  what happened to Jill Greenberg back in 2008. My first episode of “Breaking Bread With…” is an interview with Jill to talk the time her photographs of John McCain landed her at the center of a big controversy. Yet, despite Jill’s work and name being all over the news and dragged through the mud, no one invited her to explain what happened from her point of view. I sat down with Jill at her apartment in NYC, over a plate of Dorie Greenspan’s two-bite-one chip cookies to hear about what went down.

This podcast was originally recorded in September and edited in October 2016.

PS I realize the audio in this podcast is not perfect, but this was my first time doing this including all the audio editing, so please be patient with me. I’m trying!



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