Imagined Dinner Party with Witches Imagined Dinner Party

A Witch’s Feast: An Imagined Halloween Dinner Party

What would witches eat for their Hallow’s Eve Feast? That is the question that we asked ourselves when coming up with our first Imagined Dinner Party. We wanted a meal that was both intriguing and repelling, like witches are themselves. The entire contents of this dinner party (including all the bugs) are edible….And delicious.

We took inspiration from stories we remembered from childhood, some iconic and others more personal. For example, our chicken pot pies with the chicken feet sticking out comes from Roald Dahl’s amazing book The Twits (granted, the characters in that book were not witches, but they certainly looked and acted like them!) There was also the time, when I was about 4 years old, that my mother took me to a dinner party in Paris and I watched in horror as they gleefully ate snails (escargot) and Frogs Legs. I remember being glued to my chair, wide-eyed, horrified, and suspicious that perhaps my mom and her friends might all be witches…Was I on the menu next?

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