Imagined Dinner Party

Santa’s Staff Meal: An Imagined Christmas Dinner Party

For this Imagined Dinner Party, we wondered what Santa and his staff of elves would be eating on Christmas Eve, just hours before Santa’s sleigh take off. The eve of the 24th must be a hurried time in Santa’s workshop, so the staff meal would likely be enjoyed at the elves’ worktable while they frantically put their finishing touches on Christmas gifts. Santa enjoys the meal with his staff, overseeing the elves’ work and making some last minute adjustments to his Naughty and Nice list. Because Santa will be eating cookies and milk at millions of peoples’ homes across the globe, we thought that a healthy, lighter meal would be appropriate:  A lovely homemade bone broth with chicken dumplings, Gravlax, Homemade Limpa Bread, and finally, sugar plum fairy puffs and hot chocolate for dessert.

Special  thanks to Davide Luciano (photographer), Claudia Ficca (food stylist), Maeve Sheridan (prop stylist) and MUD Australia (plates) for making all of this come together so perfectly!


Recipes created by: Marco Canora, Yasmina Jacobs, Morten Sohlberg, Paavo Turtianinen, and Elettra Wiedemann

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