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Foodieism Is Dead.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article that asked “WTF is Mark Bittman talking about?” Since then, I have received a lot of feedback on it, which made me realize that this is ripe for a larger discussion. To me, it seems like much of the food movement has been successful – farmers markets are more widely accessible, many millions more people are aware that their food choices have wider ripple effects on politics, economics, and even planetary health – but so much of it has fallen short too. At its worst, the foodie-locavore movement can reinforce systems of injustice that it aims to deconstruct.  It can be super elitist and exclusive. Why is that? What happened? Is Foodieism dead? Can it be revived? What does the Slow Food movement look like in a digital age when most people on the planet are living in cities for the first time, rather than the country side?

Well, tomorrow night (July 25th), I get to hash it out with one of NYC’s most preeminent foodies, Amanda Hesser. In case you are not familiar with Amanda, she is a total badass: A former writer for the NYTimes (where she wrote more than 750 stories), and now the founder and CEO of Food52. You can come join us at STORY in NYC to hear us talk about how the Slow Food Movement can stay relevant in the digital age, the ways that Slow Food can alienate those it aims to help, and the battle between “food art” and “food commerce”, among other things. In case you can’t make it, but want to participate, we’ll be taking Q’s from FB Live. Full details for the event are below.

Please come join us for the talk and a hang out afterwards! We’ll be there to chat with you all and, of course, I’ll be signing copies of my cookbook.



  • Date: Tuesday, July 25th
  • Address: STORY at 144 10th Avenue (19th street)
  • Event Time: 6:30 -8:00pm


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