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Takeout Takeout

I am kicking off 2016 with 3 short resolutions, cause I am too impatient for resolutions that last any longer than that.

As always, a Dry January.
10 minutes of meditation every day for all of this month (still not enlightened yet).
2 Weeks of ZERO take out.

We’re calling #3 the #TakeOutTakeout Challenge: Everyday for the next two weeks, I’ll be live blogging about the experience on Refinery29 with my right hand gal, Zoe Bain. With this Challenge we’re aiming to see what it’s like to live without any form of take out- no coffee to go, no candy bars from the deli down the street, definitely no Seamless, and no eating out at restaurants with friends (yep, not even brunch on the weekends!) To some people this may sound like no problem at all, but when you live and work in a City like NYC eating some form of takeout every day (or all day) is pretty commonplace and hard to avoid. We’re going back the old school days where we pack our own lunches, bring coffee to work in a thermos, and invite people over for home cooked meals instead of eating at a restaurant.

You can read the rules for the Challenge here, and you can also join us!

In the post, we include 10 easy recipe ideas that you can make ahead of time to get us through the next two weeks. If you tag your meals on social with the hashtag #TakeOutTakeout, you could be included in our daily chatter about how much we are enjoying/hating/learning from this experiment. At the very least, we’ll all save some cash and learn how to cook some new dishes, right? (PS I am also trying to be more positive in 2016).

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