Quick Easy Mojito Recipe with Lime Mint Rum and Sugar by Impatient Foodie Drinks

Impatient Mojito

Impatient Mojito

This version is less sweet than many mojito recipes. If you like it sweeter, stir in more sugar to taste.


1.5 oz White rum (some brands call it “silver” rum)
0.75 oz Fresh lime juice
8 Large mint leaves (plus, optionally but recommended, a little sprig for garnish)
1 tsp Sugar
4 oz Soda water


  1. Add the sugar and loose mint leaves to a glass and muddle gently for 5 or 10 seconds just to bruise the leaves.
  2. Pour in the rum, lime juice, and soda water and give it a quick stir.
  3. Add ice to fill the glass. Optional: to add an aromatic element to the drink, rub some lime around the rim of the glass, and add the mint sprig to the drink so it sticks up.

Tips & Musings:

  • The key here is to just bruise the mint leaves to release their oil. You don’t want to break them up into tiny green bits that get stuck in your teeth. That’s why I call for the limes to be juiced separately as opposed to muddled in the glass with the mint and sugar as some bartenders do.
  • Also, use white sugar! Some people use demerara sugar (a/k/a “raw” sugar) to try add a caramel flavor, but white sugar goes better with the clean, refreshing tastes of the mint and lime.

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