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Paltry Pantry Episode 4: Omelet Du Fromage

I have to start this post off by asking if any of you remember that episode of Dexter’s Laboratory when all he can say is “omelet du fromage?” If you were deprived of this genius show, I have posted a clip of it here.

Anyway, some context about Episode Four of Paltry Pantry…

A few weeks ago, I was at a party when my friend, Austin Fremont, randomly started talking about her pantry. She said something like, “I only ever have, like, string cheese and champagne in there.” My ears immediately pricked up because it sounded like the PERFECT challenge for another episode of Paltry Pantry. Austin doesn’t eat home much because she runs her own events company in NYC. That means she’s rarely home, is usually out until very late, and I am sure she often eats standing up in the event space’s kitchen while yelling into a walkie talkie, and spinning 50 plates at the same time. (Austin, if you’re reading this, does that sound about right?)

As we started going through her pantry, it struck me that it totally delights me to discover what people’s go-to grocery store item is. You know, that one food item you pass at the store and think to yourself, “Do I have enough of that? Wait, do I have any?! I’ll grab one just in case…” and then you get home and have at least five of them already. My version of that is parmigiano (my fridge looks like a parmigiano graveyard). Austin’s version of that is panko AKA Japanese breadcrumbs. I’ve never seen someone with so much panko in their pantry! Some of which had been around for quite a while (we had a good laugh going through the expiration dates).

In her fridge was the promised champagne and string cheese, and a few other ingredients that made me realize I could eek an omelet out of her supplies. Omelets are one of the first things I learned how to make as an adult and I basically lived off of them my sophomore year in college. Now listen, if you’ve ever watched Jacques Pepin make an omelet, I assure you it  doesn’t have to be that complicated (the french tend to complicate everything, don’t they? 😉 My way of making an omelet is way easier, and yields exactly the same delicious, filling result. And look, if you attempt an omelet and it turns into a mess – who cares?! That happens to me sometimes and I just turn it into an egg scramble and tell people I did it on purpose. 😉

You can check out Episode 4 of Paltry Pantry, up now on Impatient Foodie’s Facebook page.

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