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Paltry Pantry, Episode 3: Goodness Grain Bowl

For yesterday’s Paltry Pantry episode with Kelsey Miller, I got to revive the dish I survived on through grad school: my Goodness Bowl. A Goodness Bowl is a delicious comfort food that I invented to cope with grad school stress. It has practically all the nutrition you need in one meal – grains, veggies, proteins, and healthy fats – but it’s also incredibly fast to make and DELISH. You can see in the video just how quickly this Goodness grain bowl comes together! At one point Kelsey is like, “Wait…that’s it?!” Yep! That’s the beauty of a Goodness Bowl – it takes 10 minutes or less to pull together a Goodness bowl, especially if the grains are prepared in advance.

When I was in grad school and really strapped for time, I would prep most of the ingredients I needed for my Goodness Bowls on a Sunday and eat it throughout the week. I published the original version of it – a quinoa bowl with grilled vegetables – on Impatient Foodie a few years ago, but really Goodness Bowls can be made with anything as long as you have the essential “layers”:

• First “base” layer: Some kind of grain (quinoa, farro, millet, rice. I also recently discovered white lentils and they’d also be a great base layer).

• Second veggie layer: Some kind of vegetable or vegetables. It can be anything from simply wilted spinach, or roasted bell peppers and squash. I would usually roast up whatever vegetables were in my fridge and about to go bad and used them in my Goodness Bowls throughout the week.

• Top layer: Some kind of protein — either eggs, or chicken, or fish, or tofu, or whatever you like!

• Essential garnishes: Hummus and olive oil.

• Nice to haves: I HIGHLY recommend also garnishing with pesto in addition to the hummus. If you like cheese, it’s always a great addition to garnish with some crumbled feta, or mozzarella, or pecorino.  You can also top off with some lovely greens, like arugula.

If you missed the most recent episode of Paltry Pantry with Kelsey Miller, you can watch it on Impatient Foodie’s Facebook page or the YouTube channel*. Actually, since we’re all impatient, I’ll just post the video right here 😉 Hope you all enjoy! If you make your own Goodness Bowls be sure to snap a pic and tag me on Insta @impatientfoodie!

* Legit Q: Does anyone use YouTube anymore now that Instagram stories, FB Live, and SnapChat, etc are around?


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