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The Ultimate Bucket List Restaurant Guide

Being that I run a food blog, people often ask me for restaurant advice, but the truth of the matter is that I have no idea. I find 9 out of 10 restaurants to be too crowded, too loud, and too expensive. In other words, I am a 33-year old grandma who likes to cook at home (and I really like being in bed by 8:30PM!) But there is that 1 time out of the 10 where the meal is so good, the place so wonderful, and the overall dining experience so unforgettable that to miss out or opt out would mean some serious FOMO, even, dare I say, profound regret.

With a new year just on the horizon, Refinery29 asked me to find the 29 restaurants around the world that simply could not be missed – the ultimate bucket list restaurant guide. Now, have restaurant guides been done before? Yes. Have they been done to death? …yes, possibly. But this isn’t your regular run-of-the-mill Michelin star guide!!! This food guide contains a secret food bungalow on an island that you have to sail to in order to access, a hole in the wall dumpling joint with no address, a restaurant built inside an old airport, a fish stand on an island with no cars, no streets, and buildings built out of coral (yes, FOR REAL). I mean, basically it’s all the places you wish you knew that you haven’t been able to find cause they’re word of mouth and haven’t been talked about/all compiled in one place… until now. Click here to discover my 29 Bucket List restaurants around the world.

(Apologies for the click through; I will try to minimize these as much as possible, but sometimes it can’t be avoided because Google penalizes you for duplicate content on the web, if it’s originally posted on Refinery it can create problems with SEO, blah-blah-boring-blah).

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