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Banker’s Lunch

I like Kettle One for this drink (and most cocktails) because its flavor blends in well, as opposed to some other vodkas, say Tito’s, which always seems to stand out from the other ingredients.  One medium grapefruit should provide about 8 ounces of juice, enough for 5 cocktails, but I usually buy one or two more grapefruits than I need just in case.  Here’s how to get more juice, more quickly, when juicing by hand:  After cutting the grapefruit in half and taking it in your hand to squeeze the juice out, poke the tines of a fork into the cut-open side and move the handle back and forth like a lever keeping the tines inside while squeezing the fruit.




banker's lunch


1.5 oz Vodka (I recommend Kettle One)
0.5 oz Dry vermouth
0.5 oz Orange liqueur (I recommend Cointreau or Grand Marnier)
1.5 oz Pink grapefruit juice  (I like fresh — I’ve never done it with store-bought juice)


  1. Pour all the ingredients together in a glass, add ice and stir (or mix in a cocktail shaker if you want, but no need).
  2. Strain into a glass. You can garnish the rim with a grapefruit peel if you like.

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  • Joan

    Sounds delicious, especially for a warm Summer night. A couple of ways to get more juice out of grapefruit (or any citrus): be sure it’s at room temperature (you can always chill the juice later), and roll the fruit on the counter a few times with your palm (like a rolling pin) before you cut into it. It’ll release more of the juice and you won’t have to work so hard after it’s cut open.