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How To Eat Desserts All Day & Be Totally Guilt Free

At any point over the past month (say, since this day) have you secretly thought/whined to yourself, “Why can’t participation in the democratic process be easier?” (I know I have.) Well, I have GREAT news for you. This Sunday (February 26th), you can eat cookies, desserts, and all kinds of sweet things and consider yourself an activist! Why? Because I am part of a massive, dessert filled bake sale where 100% of the proceeds go to the ACLU (tickets available here and full invite at the bottom of this post). Buying tickets beforehand will guarantee you entry, but there will also be $5 tickets available at the door on the day (but if the bake sale sells out, then, sorry, you’re SOL.)
Look, whether you are progressive or conservative, Republican or Democrat, I hope we can all agree that our laws need to provide equal protection for all, and that is what the ACLU does. They fight for those who have been improperly detained and transgender rights, as well as strongly standing behind everyone’s 1st amendment rights, even with the most despicable human beings.
So plan ahead, come with friends, and come hang on Sunday – It’ll be SUPER fun! 🙂 There will be lots to do beyond eating sweets and drinking delicious tea and coffee: there will be arts and crafts for sale, and a letter writing station where prompts and ideas for writing our representatives will be provided, and one artist on site will be doing live custom feminist/leftist calligraphy prints on site for sale! (Slogans such as “Nevertheless, She Persisted.”) People on site will even provide postage after the event, so you literally don’t have to think about anything (YAY!)
If you hate all of this/are diabetic/don’t like desserts, CLEO THE BUNNY WILL BE THERE, PEOPLE. WHO HATES A BUNNY? (If you hate bunnies, then I don’t want to know you TBH).

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I support their work 1000% so I’ll be baking up huge batches of these cookies and I’ll be on site all day to help and participate in every single way I can. I REALLY hope to see you there!
Best Cookie Recipes – ACLU Bake Sale

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