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An Impatient Foodie’s Week-Long Shopping List & Meal Plan!

Before I head off on vacation, I wanted to deliver on a promise that I made to you all: Here is the Impatient Foodie food shopping list and week-long menu plan! Click the link to view and download the shopping list and meal plan here:

Impatient Foodie Shopping List & Meal Plan

I originally created this for the Oprah Cruise and it was a BIG hit, so I wanted to share it with all of you too! The shopping list and menu plan is designed to feed 2 people (you and your roommate, you and your significant other/spouse, etc). If you have more people in your household, then you can totally scale up on shopping list quantities and adjust the recipes too.

As you will notice, breakfasts and lunches throughout the work week are either really fast to make (under 5 minutes), or are a simple assembly of store bought ingredients. The reason for this is because I think most of us are busy doing the day – working from home, running to the office in the morning, taking care of kids, etc – so who has time to cook (and clean) a major production for breakfast and lunch?! Not me and not you. This meal plan takes that into account.

Dinners involve more cooking, but in typical Impatient Foodie style, the recipes will take 20-30 minutes and require minimal prep and dishes.  There are also some nights where you are cooking a bit more to use the next day in your lunch, or to eat as left-overs for dinner the following night. Weekend breakfasts are a little more hearty and brunch-y (who doesn’t love pancakes?!).

Please note that I tried to break down the shopping list according to aisle in your supermarket. Not all supermarkets are the same, so this is not going to be perfectly accurate for everyone. Give the shopping list a read through so you know what to get. A quick read through of the list will really expedite your shopping experience! Also, I suggest that you print out each day’s meal plan and have it on your desk for easy reference, or even tack it up on your fridge!

Hope you all enjoy this and if you have any questions, you can always reach me on my contact form!

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