Dark & Stormy Cocktail Recipe Drinks

Dark & Stormy Cocktail Recipe

Dark & Stormy


2 oz Dark rum (some brands call it “black” or “blackstrap” rum)
4 oz Ginger beer
Lime wedge, if desired


  1. Pour the rum and ginger beer into a tall glass, then add ice to fill.
  2. If desired, squeeze the lime wedge into the glass, drop it in, and give the drink a quick stir.


  • Bonus recipe!  For a variation, you can swap out the dark rum and instead use an amber rum (also called “gold” rum).  The many different names used to describe different types of rum confused me at first, so I’m going to risk stating the obvious here: amber rum is amber-colored.  That’s in contrast to the deep-dark brown shade of dark (or “black”) rum and the colorless shade of white (or “silver”) rum.
  • This amber rum variation tastes pretty different from a Dark & Stormy made with dark rum.  A friend summed up the distinction well when he decided to call it a “Light & Balmy.”  So don’t try passing it off as the same drink, but it’s good in its own right.

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