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I Just Tried A Beyond Burger & Here’s What I Honestly Think

I just made and ate my first Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger and I felt compelled to write something about it. First of all, in case you missed it, Beyond Burger is a completely plant-based burger that, “looks, cooks, and satisfies so much like beef, it’s in the meat section of the grocery stores” according to the company’s website. But again, it’s not meat, it’s VEGAN. Their technology is part of a growing movement in food circles to make plant based products that can really compete with meat products in taste, smell, sound (sizzle), look (bleeding), and price. Why? Because there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that the meat industry is a huge driver of climate change and environmental degradation (and not to mention presents a host of animal treatment issues). If you could have your delicious, juicy burger and not have caused harm to the environment or an animal, wouldn’t that be a win-win? Obviously, vegetarian burgers have always been an alternative for all of us, but they’ve also always been… subpar.  I have tried all kinds of veggie burgers – from restaurants, to making my own, to store bought, and I’ll just say it – they always either suck or pale in comparison to the real thing.

I saw Beyond Burger at a grocery store the other day and decided to pick it up to try. I heard about it before, but never believed the hype. To be honest, I was preparing myself for it to suck or be disappointing as I put it in my basket. The last few times I’ve tried a product similar to this I’ve thought to myself, “I wish they’d just say they’re making the best veggie burger on the market, and NOT try to make something/market a product that promises to be just as good as a beef burger, cause that’s basically a lie or fantastical thinking.”

Well, guys – Beyond Beef burgers are different. Out of the box, they look like beef patties. It sizzled in the pan just like a beef patty (3 minutes on each side), it bled out fat, and kept a good char. The house didn’t fill up with smells of cooking beef, but it also smelled good – something was definitely  on the grill! I was still skeptical as I plopped the patty into my lightly toasted brioche bun, smothered in Hampton Creek Mayo and ketchup, and topped with a slice of heirloom tomato and a sliced avocado. I took my first bite, asking myself this question: If I had been served this at a restaurant or a friend’s BBQ, would I have any idea it was not beef? The answer: No, I would have NO idea. I’m serious. It was delicious and totally burger-y.

Then my skeptical mind slipped back in: Anything that delicious and “fake” couldn’t be good for me, right? Wrong. I looked up Beyond Burger’s nutritional facts and they have:

  • More protein than a beef burger (again, THEY’RE VEGAN).
  • Double the amount of iron (really good for me since I anemic).
  • Less saturated fat
  • No cholesterol
  • Comparable calorie count (just under 300 for both)
  • And, since it’s vegan, the Beyond Burger is also obviously antibiotic free and hormone free (and they’re gluten free and GMO-free too!)

There is a place around the corner from my house called Mullane’s and their burgers are TO DIE FOR. I dream about them, and my boyfriend has at least one burger from there a week – I am always so jealous! But you know what? I don’t have to be jealous anymore, because now I can have a vegan burger that’s just as delicious and not hurting anything, AND is better for me. Now, that’s what I call a better burger!!!

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