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A Green Soup You’ll Actually Love & Crave

Green soups. Does anyone really like them?  I am not sure. To me, they’re on the level with wheatgrass shots: You consume them cause you know they’re good for you, but afterwards your face is like:


But with the help of some fresh herbs, green soups can turn into a delicious dish that you’ll crave. I invented this soup one afternoon when I looked in my fridge and saw bunches of beautiful fresh herbs slowly wilting to death. I had purchased them at the farmers market in a fit of inspiration (“I’ll make pesto, salsa verde, and a remoulade!”) only to get home to realize I am actually far too lazy to make any of those things. So there they sat in my fridge for about a week. I am frequently disgusted at myself for how much food waste I can generate and didn’t want to fall into that bad habit anymore. So, as an experiment, I threw the herbs into a pot with veggie stock, some spinach I had on hand, and a fresh squeeze of lemon. I was fully expecting to hate it, BUT I LOVED IT – it was like summer in a bowl! If you’re a vegan, you can just have the soup as is. If you’re not a vegan, adding a dollop of creme fraiche or greek yogurt is also lovely. I also have eaten this with two slices of toast with goat cheese smeared on top. I swear, dipping that goat cheese toast in the soup is like:


I’ll be making this soup today on FB Live as part of my cookbook sneak peek series! I’ll also be posting the recipe on my Instagram stories, which will be available for the next 24 hours. If you miss those two things, well I guess you’ll just have to buy the book!**



**Or, OK fine, you can also see the recipe here cause it’s from an old Impatient Foodie post. And, no, most of the recipes in the book are not from the blog, they’re cook book originals… But I did put some of my blog’s “greatest hits” in the book too (and this soup is one of ’em).


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