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Three-Thirds Margarita

 Years ago, my dad and step-mom invited me to their friends’ margarita party where they served a bunch of variations with different ingredients in different proportions.  This variation was my hands-down favorite.  Not all liquor stores carry Chinaco-brand Reposado, so call ahead.  Other good brands of Reposado will do, like Herradura; they’re just not quite as delicious.  Ditto for Cointreau, which is a bit sweeter than other orange liqueurs.


three-thirds margarita

The drink is tart, so consider having simple syrup handy for guests who like sweeter drinks, especially if you're not using Cointreau.


1.5 oz Reposado tequila (Chinaco highly recommended)
1.5 oz orange liqueur (Cointreau highly recommended)
1.5 oz lime juice (fresh-squeezed recommended, but Santa Cruz bottled juice is a surprisingly close substitute)
Salt for the rim of the glass, if desired

Note: One medium-sized lime yields about an ounce of juice, but some are stingy, so I always buy extra.  A hand-held citrus squeezer ($5-$15 online) makes juicing much easier and faster.  You can also squeeze limes up to a week ahead and freeze the juice.


  1. Just mix the ingredients together and pour into a glass over ice.

NOTE: If you want salt, do this before adding ice or liquid to the glass:  pour salt onto a flat plate, wet your thumb and index finger (you can use water, lime juice, orange juice, etc.), pinch the rim of the glass and run your fingers all the way around to wet it, set the glass rim-down in the salt and move it around so the salt sticks.

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