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That’s MY JAM



Guys, I know this sounds like it’ll be gross, but trust me.  I first encountered jam in a cocktail years ago at Madame Geneva in NYC, which makes a gin-based drink with one spoon of jam mixed in before serving and a second teaspoon of jam served on the spoon with the drink, to be mixed in as you sip it.  Flash-forward several years, I was trying out a vodka-based cocktail that called for blueberry compote, and the compote ended up being really bland.  I reached for jam instead and it worked! When you spoon the jam, avoid any big pieces of fruit, since they won’t mix into the drink as well as the little bits.

I wanted to name this drink Space Jam but Elettra wouldn’t let me.

that's my jam


1.5 oz Vodka
1.5 tsp fancy jam, like strawberry fig or something along those lines.
Club soda to top


  1. Put vodka and jam into a glass and mix.
  2. Top with club soda and ice and stir.
  3. Bottom’s up!

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