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How To Tackle Food Waste When You’re Impatient

The issue of food waste has recently become a hot button topic. It’s not just a matter of wasted resources and money (the average American household of four people wastes more than two million calories of food with a value of nearly $1,500 each year), it also has to do with global warming. Millions of pounds of food scraps make their way to landfills every year where they release methane gas as they decompose….

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Hazard or Landmark - Impatient Foodie Food for Thought

Health Hazard or Landmark

NYC is a city that is constantly changing, and that can be both exciting and sad.  There are, however, some landmarks in the City that will never go away like The Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the arch at Washington Square Park. Right now, there is a debate going on as to whether the Pepsi Cola sign in Queens should be assigned a landmark status, which basically means that the sign is protected by the City’s Landmark Preservation…

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