Sloe Gin Fizz

 Never heard of sloe gin before?  Never tried it?  You’re in for a
mega treat…

because sloe gin drinks are delicious.  Years after getting into cocktails I still had no idea what it was.  Turns out it’s made with sloe “drupes,” little fruits that are a distant relative of the plum.  Sloe tastes terrible on its own (with “acid flesh” and “bitter skin” according to one description online), but some enterprising soul realized it could be soaked in gin and sugar to draw out its fruitiness without all the nastiness.  The result is delicious when combined with mixers, as in this recipe.


Now Elettra will want to close her eyes for this next part, since what your Impatient Boozie is about to tell you is not entirely in keeping with the wholesome nature of the rest of this site: While all-natural sloe gin without any artificial colors or flavors (such as Plymouth-brand sloe gin) tastes very good in this recipe, I found a brand that tastes better even though it has artificial coloring (and maybe artificial flavoring? the label doesn’t say): it’s DeKuyper-brand sloe gin, it’s a bargain, and you can order it online.


2.5 oz Sloe gin
1 oz Fresh lemon juice
0.5 oz Simple syrup
Soda water


  1. Pour the first three ingredients into a cocktail shaker over ice, shake, and strain into a tall glass filled with ice.
  2. Fill the rest of the way with soda water, about 3-4 ounces.
  3. Give it a quick stir.

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