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Roasted Split Chicken

I know that I am not going to get any Genius Awards for this chicken recipe, but I had to share this cause who does not like an easy, WHOLE chicken recipe that cooks in 40 minutes?!?! You could come home from work, put the chicken in the oven, take a shower, put on PJ’s, watch half of a TV show while sipping some wine and – DING! – fresh, whole chicken out of the oven made by YOU.

I had never cooked split chicken before a cooking class I took in March. Once I tried it all I could think was, “Why the hell would anyone roast a whole bird the traditional way? It is SO SLOW compared to this technique!” Plus, you get the same amount of food, that yummy, roasted flavor, and delicious moist meat – Impatient Foodie approved!

I would also like to say that I made a variation of this and totally skipped the fresh herbs. Instead, I used flavored oil from The Filling Station (LOVE YOUUUUU GUYS!) and it was delicious too. I usually enjoy this chicken for dinner with a simple salad and it’s also great the next day in salads or sandwiches. My vegan pesto is an excellent addition here as well.

Roasted Split Chicken

MISE EN PLACE – Do you have your Mise en Place ready?


½ CUP PARSLEY LEAVES, roughly chopped (split into two ¼ cups)
½ CUP BASIL LEAVES, roughly chopped (split into two ¼ cups)
¼ CUP OREGANO (split into … you guessed it!!… two 1/8 cups)
1/8 CUP ROSEMARY leaves (split evenly into two parts).


  1. Heat oven to 450 degrees F
  2. We used a cast iron skillet, but a baking pan with parchment paper or a greased baking pan works great too.
  3. Take the backbone out of the chicken (or, if you ask your butcher nicely, I’m sure they would do it for you!)
    • I had no idea how to take the backbone out of a chicken and found this video helpful. It’s easier and faster than it sounds. Also, I don’t randomly have cooking shears laying around (do you?!), so I used a huge, sharp knife to do the job. I had to put some elbow grease into it, but it worked!
    • Make sure you pat the entire chicken completely dry. In fact, dry it a few times before you put the oil and herbs on.
    • Getting the chicken as dry as possible will help get the lovely golden brown color and crackling skin (AKA The Maillard reaction)
  4. Mix HALF of all your herbs with the olive oil.
  5. With chicken completely dry, pour olive oil/herb mix onto the chicken and rub all over to coat the entire chicken evenly.
  6. Put chicken breast side up in your skillet/baking pan and sprinkle salt all over the bird generously (not just a tiny pinch of salt, guys!)
  7. Cook for 40 mins or until meat is 160 degrees F.
    NOTE: If you want the skin more browned one it is cooked, put the chicken under the broiler for 5 minutes BUT WATCH IT LIKE A HAWK. A strong broiler can char anything within seconds! Speaking from experience here…
  8. Let chicken rest for 5-10 minutes
  9. Mix lemon juice and remaining herbs and spread evenly on chicken before serving.

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