Broccoli & Sausage Video by Impatient Foodie Meat

Sausage & Broccoli Video

I don’t have kids yet, but being a 32-year-old woman sometimes I creepily pursue mommy blogs (and immediately clear my search history). I don’t really know what I am looking for when I do this. I guess I want to get some sense of what young millennial moms are feeling about motherhood, and honest account of what it’s like to have a kid, especially when juggling work at the same time. Most mommy blogs I have found to date kinda freak me out. I see pictures of perfect mothers, in ironed perfect outfits, with squeaky clean babies one arm, and a hyper organized child-activity-scheduling-app in the other and just think, “I’ll probably live in sweat pants for the first two years of my child’s life and shower if/when I remember to.” Or a lot of new mothers seem to become completely absorbed in their identity and consumed by love for their child (understandably)  and everything else – jobs, friends, relationships – appear to fall to the wayside. I am always left wondering if I’ll ever live up to either model of saintly motherhood.

But there is one mommy blog out there that is different – Happily Eva After. Eva’s blog is fun to read, informative, honest, and compelling content for moms AND those of us who are thinking about getting on the baby train. Everything on her blog feels realistic and relatable. When she suggests a craft, it’s not a multi hour project; when she talks about food it’s easy meals that can be whipped up while running around after an energetic toddler. And a lot of her content isn’t about being a mother at all, which feels reassuring to me because your own life goes on after and while having a baby, right? I especially love her “Happily Eva Answers” section which is her version of Dear Abby.
I caught up with Eva recently over lunch and her sense of humor, unabashed honesty, and self deprecating attitude made me girl crush on her even more. We talked about the up’s and down’s of running a blog, and about ways we could work together. She wrote a fantastic food essay for Impatient Foodie about Tween Angst & Turkey Sandwiches, and she asked me to come up with a recipe solution for impatient/busy mom’s on the go. Since I know reading can be cumbersome,  we decided to make  a video series on Impatient recipes. This (first ever!) Impatient video shows how you can make a one sheet pan meal and stretch it into 3 more meals for the rest of the week. More fun Eva collaborations to come.

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