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This Peanut Butter Cookie Has A Refreshing Secret

A few weeks ago, I told you that leftover tortellini on top of a pancake, topped with a fried egg or two is the absolute JAM. Now, I am back with another unique flavor combination that is absolutely delightful: peanut butter and peppermint.

I discovered the peppermint-peanut butter flavor combination at an ice cream parlor near Nyack, New York, a few summers ago. Known locally for its crazy flavors, the shop’s freezers displayed swirly, colorful, kitchen sink-style ice cream messes. As I asked for various samples, I felt (and possibly acted) like a 3-year old. A bite of mint chocolate chip with peanut butter swirl practically got me singing. Chocolate and peanut butter is an already beloved flavor combo, but when you add peppermint into the mix it provides a just a hint of refreshment on your tongue. Immediately, I started dreaming of the flavor as a cookie.

When I got home that night, I searched online for peppermint-peanut butter cookie recipes, but came up blank. I was shocked. For a food writer like me, finding a recipe that hasn’t been done to death feels similar to discovering a unicorn. It’s really that thrilling! Once I saw the world was missing a Peanut Butter Peppermint Chip Cookie, I immediately began testing and developing until I got it just right.

This recipe is fast, easy, and creates a treat that surprises everyone. I first made these cookies for a group of friends, and though they loved them, I wanted an objective audience. The real test was a bake sale benefitting the ACLU earlier this year. At first, people seemed skeptical of peppermint and peanut butter—“No way that can be good!”—and some even sneered at me. I encouraged everyone to buy just one cookie. Even if they hated it, it’d be benefitting the ACLU. After about 3 hours, I sold all 65 cookies, and multiple people came back for seconds (and thirds!). I even had people contact me on Instagram asking for the recipe. It appeared the world was ready for my unicorn.

Get the recipe on Food52 OR get a whole plethora of delicious, impatient friendly cookie recipes in my new book, Impatient Cookies!

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