Food for Thought



What you think it means:  These animals were happy creatures with blissful lives, roaming in open fields with freedom of movement and access to fresh air and sunshine. They ate organic grass and were not given antibiotics or hormones.

What it actually means: Marion Nestle explains, “The organic label requires meat to be produced without antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs, and to be fed organic feed.  If the label says USDA Certified Organic, that’s what it means.” So use of open pastures and freedom of movement does not enter into the equation here, unless explicitly stated. Additionally, it does not mean that they were grass-fed, the animals could have been fed non-GMO soy and corn feed. [peekaboo_content]

Take away: The “organic meat” label is a good indication that the animal were not given antibiotics or hormones and were not fed GMO’s or animal by-products, but that is sadly where the reassurance ends.[/peekaboo_content][peekaboo]Content [/peekaboo]

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