Dry January - No alcohol for a month Food for Thought

No Alcohol for a Month

Being on the precipice of a New Year, many of us are likely reflecting on all the ways we can be a better person for the next 365 days (and beyond). I have made many resolutions over the years and broken them all, either immediately or eventually… But one resolution that I stuck to needed only do to be done for 30 days and nights: No drinking for any reason for the entire month of January. To some this may sound like the easiest, dumbest thing in the world; to others it may sound totally impossible. The first time I did this in my 20’s, it sounded neither easy nor impossible, just interesting. Social drinking took up so much of my life during and after college, and I just wanted to see what it would be like to cut out the conduit (booze) to my gatherings. I didn’t think I would learn that much, but I was wrong: In just 30 days I learned (and realized) A LOT about myself, my friends, my life… In fact, my dry month had such a profound impact (and felt so good), that almost a decade later, I am still doing my Dry Januarys (#8 starting tomorrow!) If you are thinking about doing a Dry January, I applaud you – you won’t regret it.

In the hopes of helping you on this journey, here are the 12 unexpected things I learned during my first dry January.

Cheers (with a glass of water, of course ;).

Happy 2016 to all!

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