Food for Thought



What you think it means: “Natural” is a nice word with lovely green, lush, pure connotations. I hear natural and I think it was made by nature so it must be healthy, right? Wrong.

What it actually means: The term “all natural” or just the word “natural” don’t mean much of anything.  Natural products can include:

  • Those that are genetically modified.
  • Those grown using pesticides
  • Those with added sugar or corn syrup (both technically “natural”!)

The only limitation is that “natural products” cannot contain artificial flavor, color, or other synthetic additives. As far as “natural meat” is concerned, it does not mean the meat was anti-biotics free or cage-free. [peekaboo_content]

Take away: The word “natural” is not officially defined by government agencies in the USA, and does not mean much when it comes to food labeling. I now steer clear of products with the natural label as a form of boycott/protest, because I feel like whoever is using that term on packaging is trying to dupe me.[/peekaboo_content][peekaboo]Content [/peekaboo]

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