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Homemade mozzarella: Worth It/Not Worth It?


Wouldn’t it be so lovely and impressive for the photo above to be homemade mozzarella that I made with my own two hands? But, no…

Guys, I have devastating news: Making mozzarella totally sucks.[peekaboo_content]

All the online videos and blogs that I researched made this process look sooooo easy and blissful. I was psyched! Mozzarella is one of my favorite things in the world. As I was gathering and sourcing the ingredients, I was imagining showing up at a dinner party with my mozzarella loaf (Who needs mozzarella balls when you can make mozzarella LOAF, am I right?!?!) My friends would be sooooo impressed and I would feel great about myself, my life, and, obviously, my incredible cooking skillz. This dream, sadly, will never be realized.

Now granted, our first mozzarella batch was ruined by the fact that I unknowingly used a reactive pot. The pot was just plain steel and I assumed that it would be fine, but it was most definitely NOT FINE, my friends. My self-esteem started to erode when my curd would not form properly. Full on panic set in when I tasted a piece of the mozzarella and it was so squeaky that I couldn’t hear what my friend was saying 3 feet away from me. Like, I literally had to stop chewing to hear what she was saying… WTF?!?!

However, once we figured out that the pot was reactive, we set out  (in the rain!) to buy a non-reactive pot. I don’t ever accept defeat easily. The Homemade Mozzarella Dream, achieved by so many, shall also be mine!!!

The second batch was started with high spirits. We followed the ingredients and preparation instructions to the letter for a second time.  This time, the curd did form and it was GLORIOUS! We were jumping up and down squealing, “This is worth it! This is worth it!!” Butwhen the time came to start kneading, stretching, and forming the pieces it all went pear shaped (again). We could not get the proper shape or shine, and the DAMN squeakiness/mouth consistency thing was still an issue (WHY?!) Not to mention the taste (UGH). We kneaded and stretched more. We vigilantly kept our whey bath at 185 degrees. We tenderly placed our mozzarella in the hot bath until it juuuusssstttt started to melt so that we could knead and stretch more. We even cooed at the damn mozzarella…BUT IT WAS ALL F***KED.

After we had tried desperately to knead our second batch, my friend (who is a super talented cook, I might add) looked at me and said, “This is SO not worth it.”   I could not agree more. [/peekaboo_content] [peekaboo]Content [/peekaboo]


1)     Source a bunch of hard to find ingredients online.

2)     Make sure you have a NON-REACTIVE pot.

3)     Cry.



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