MINI CHEESE SOUFFLES Recipe - Worth It Not Worth It



When I first started Impatient Foodie, I asked my Twitter followers “What is something you’ve been interested to cook, but curious if it’s #WorthItNotWorthIt ?”  @CertifiedSteak wrote back “Cheese Soufflé!” Immediately, I was like UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . I mean don’t get me wrong,  @CertifiedSteak, I LOVE that that you wrote me back with your suggestion, but even the idea of making cheese soufflés overwhelmed the hell out of me, for this reason:[peekaboo_content]

A few years ago, I was working in Paris and I found the CUTEST little restaurant in a backstreet that served only soufflés. I was completely charmed and went inside for lunch. To make a long story very short, it took them 90 minutes to get my soufflé and when they brought it out it was almost the size of my head and it wasn’t even that good!  I have a real problem in that I HAVE TO eat all the food on my plate (even if I am totally stuffed) and so I ate this entire soufflé and then went (rolled) back to my hotel feeling soooo gross, and full, and uncomfortable. I felt like my blood had turned into butter and cheese, and I kind of felt like Will Ferrell in Old School when he shoots himself with a tranquilizer dart (specifically, 1:38 onwards…) When I got back to my hotel, I had to actually pass out for a few hours just to digest, just like an anaconda. I haven’t had (or wanted) a soufflé since…

But @CertifiedSteak your wish is my command, so researched how to make soufflés on the web.  I came across this recipe from Real Simple Food and it seemed easy enough. To avoid making a huge soufflé, I made mine in ramekins. And, you know what? The process wasn’t that bad! The prep was fast and while everyone complains about whisking egg whites into peaks, it took me just 4 minutes and 11 seconds. The resulting soufflés were super yumz– WAY better than the ones I had in Paris! And the smaller portion size was much more reasonable for a dish made completely out of cheese, butter, and eggs.[/peekaboo_content] [peekaboo]Content [/peekaboo]






… get the rest of the recipe and instructions on Real Simple Food.

Verdict: If you are a soufflé fan, making your own at home is totally Worth It.

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  • firehorsek

    how many ramekins/portions??

    • It depends on the size of your ramekins, but I bet you can get at least 6 portions. The ramekins we used in the picture were larger than normal size. I have just written you an email with details… Thanks again for pointing this out!