London Mule Easy Summer Cocktail Recipe by Impatient Foodie Drinks

London Mule Cocktail


I am sure you have noticed that things on Impatient Foodie have been slowing down recently. For the past several months, I’ve been cranking out content for this site, Refinery29 Food, and also my future cookbook (YAY!) It been a fun challenge keeping all the ducks in a row, but somewhere along the way I totally burned out. After a few weeks of deliberation, I have decided to take a little time off from Impatient Foodie and focus on finalizing my cookbook, writing for R29, and just living my life a little bit. So much of Impatient Foodie’s “soul” is inspired by getting out in the world and seeing new things, having little adventures in new places, seeing what’s at the local markets, sharing meals with people I love, watching what other people are cooking and drawing ideas from that. All of that has been consumed by a lot of to-do lists as of late. Some of those lists were necessary (everyone has to pay the bills), but some were completely created by my mind: Once I got used to being extremely busy, I started creating ways to stay extremely busy. Brains are weird.

This was probably not helped by NYC’s relentless pace, where being “so busy” and “so tired” is considered a badge of honor. But isn’t that a little insane? Whatever happened to just being “so relaxed” and “so happy”, or at the very least “so energized”? I never hear myself say those things anymore (I am 32 years old and have no kids!), and I definitely don’t hear it from anyone around me. Everyone is working at a frantic pace and for what? Or at the cost of what? At first, I felt horribly guilty for even considering taking a break. But then I thought to myself, “What the hell am I running myself into the ground for?” I am young and free now, so shouldn’t I make the most of it while I can? And isn’t it better to take a break and come back with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm then to pump out mediocre content and feel resentful? I think so. Impatient Foodie has brought me so many wonderful gifts since I launched it almost 2 years ago – It deserves more than my back handed effort.

So I made the decision to take a time out and immediately booked some fun trips – London, Germany, white water rafting in Idaho (!!!). And you know what? In just a week of feeling the pressure come off, a couple of ideas have percolated to the top of my mind. My sense of humor is starting to come back. This tells me that giving myself a little space to get inspired again is the right move for now. I may post a few things this summer if I have something to share, but wanted to let you know that while the sun is shining and we have this glorious summer air, you’ll find me outside enjoying it as much as possible. You can always write me in the comments section on, or on Instagram and Twitter at @ElettraW if you have any questions or anything at all 🙂

For now, I leave you with this cocktail, the London Mule from our own “Impatient Boozie”, Noah Stein. I wish you all a wonderful summer, full of friends, family, laughter, good health, excellent food, and cocktails (if that’s your thing). – Elettra

London mule


2 oz Gin (I recommend Plymouth)
0.75 oz Fresh lime juice
0.5 oz Sugar
8 Mint leaves
3 oz Ginger beer



  1. Add the first three ingredients to a cocktail shaker and mix to dissolve the sugar.
  2. Add the mint and ice and shake.
  3. Strain into a short glass filled with ice, add the ginger beer, and give it a quick stir.

Tips & Musings:

  • This is a refreshing spin on the classic Moscow Mule. The gin adds a little bite but it’s tempered by the sweetness of the simple syrup. And the mint’s cooling, refreshing scent complements the citrus.

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