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Impatient Foodie Was Talking Food (& More) On The Radio This Week!

Here’s my weird little secret: I’ve always dreamt of having my own radio show. I have no idea what it would be, or what it would be about… I’ve just always wanted to do it. Yet, despite this being a total fantasy of mine for 10+ years, something happened earlier this summer made it clear I am not quite ready (or qualified). While I was waiting to go on Radio Cherry Bombe, the hostess, Kerry Diamond, texted me to say she was stuck on the subway and I might have to open/do part of the show the show by myself. Subways in NYC have been a total nightmare this summer, so there was no telling if Kerry would be 3-minutes late, or 30-minutes, or more.  Holy s***, I cannot express the anxiety that suddenly rushed through my system. I got the text and immediately was all:


Thankfully, Kerry made it at the last minute and I didn’t have to humiliate myself on public radio (phew!)

This week, I got invitation from the lovely Joan Hamburg of WABC Radio to talk to her about the Impatient Foodie Cookbook. Joan has been on the radio since the 1970’s and has been called “New York Radio’s First Lady“, so it was a huge honor to meet her and speak with her.  I had a wonderful time with Joan talking about annoying habits of food bloggers, things my mom forced me to do when I was younger that I hated but I am totally going to force my baby to do, and also… a new little project on the horizon 😉 I also spoke a lot about my grandfather, who died earlier this year, and explained why the cookbook is dedicated to him.

I hope you all enjoy the interview! Again, you can check out my segment by clicking here.

(The photo I used for this post was taken by Danielle Kosann for The New Potato. You can read my interview with them here!)


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