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Listen To My Interview On Forbes’ Podcast!

How do you guys feel about vision boards? Do you believe in them, or not so much? A big part of me feels like they are hooey BS, and yet…

I recently came across an old vision board that I made when I first launched Impatient Foodie, just over three years ago. I made it because, at the time, I was in a relationship with someone who was BIG on vision boards and affirmations. I thought/still think both are a kind of ridiculous/hooey, but I had to play the role of the supportive girlfriend at the time, so I made myself an Impatient Foodie vision board and then never looked at it again. Three plus years and a whole new life later, I found the vision board in my basement, covered in dust. And I have to say when I looked at it, I was surprised. Almost everything on there had come true, albeit in slightly different forms than I imagined/wished at the time of Impatient Foodie launch. For example, I said I wanted to write an Impatient Foodie book (check); I had a photo of the Cherry Bombe logo because I dreamed of being featured in it (check and check); I said I wanted to be on NPR (check); I also said I wanted to be on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list. That last one didn’t quite happen, BUT last week I did finally make it onto Forbes because I was invited on their Limit Does Not Exist podcast. So that kinda counts, right?! (Plus, I still have time to make it onto Forbes’ 40 under 40 😉

I really loved this hour long interview because the hostesses, Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell, are two kiss ass chicks. And because we had a whole 60-minutes to talk, we got to go in-depth on all shorts of topics from fashion to food, food tech, what inspires me, what drives me, and that time I had a nervous meltdown in Central Park after one too many loops on a bike (anyone who has done a race/triathlon will understand).

Click on this link to listen to the interview and I hope you enjoy!

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