Impatient Foodie Cookbook – Impatient Foodie Cookbook cover inspiration – The Beatles Yellow Submarine Recipes

My Cookbook Cover Reveal!

OH MY GOD, GUYS , I DID IT: I finally handed in the final draft of my Impatient Foodie Cookbook yesterday! It is now officially out of my hands and into the hands of the cookbook Gods (I’ve set up a little Cookbook God shrine which I’ll be paying homage to every day between now and June 6th, the day my book hits store shelves.) To celebrate, I wanted to share my cookbook cover today and tell you a little about my inspiration for it.

Impatient Foodie Cookbook – Impatient Foodie Cookbook cover inspiration – The Beatles Yellow Submarine

People often ask me who taught me to cook, and the answer is “a little bit of everyone in my family.” My mom taught me the basics and my way around a kitchen; my dad taught me how to cook things like tortellini with pestomy Grandad taught me things like baked salmon and healthy eating hacks; and my grandmother… well, my grandmother didn’t really teach me how to cook anything to be perfectly honest (she couldn’t even make toast), but she DID teach me a lot about style (she is one stylish lady).

When it came time to think about my cookbook cover, I wanted something eye catching, different, and personal. I also had three additional criteria:

  1. I refused to wear a pinafore/apron.
  2. I didn’t want a shot of me in the kitchen, cooking happily (we’ve all seen quite enough of those, in my opinion).
  3. No rustic tables/rustic “tablescapes” with food on it.

I racked my brain for weeks and when I repeatedly came up blank, I resorted to a simple question: OK, Elettra – what is your first vivid cooking memory? What immediately leapt to mind was a memory of me about age 6, standing on a chair next to my dad while he cooked me pasta, while we sang along loudly to The Beatles. That then got me thinking about The Yellow Submarine (one of the best movies of all time, obviously), which then got me thinking about my favorite scenes in the movie, which then got me thinking about The Sea Of Holes – do you remember that scene?! I remember that it equally scared and delighted me as a kid, and as an adult there have been many times that I have thought to myself, “Jesus, I wish I a magic ‘hole in my pocket’ right now” (you get 1,000,000 points in you get that reference, BTW).


And then the idea for the cookbook cover quickly bloomed from there.  What if I could recreate a mini version of The Sea Of Holes with the recipes in my cookbook?!  I loved the idea because it felt so personal AND hit all my other criteria: eye-catching, different, no apron required, no kitchen, and absolutely no rustic tables  – hurrah! So there you have it: The Sea Of Holes is the inspo for my cookbook cover – it’s a little random, but I love the results and I hope you do too! If The Beatles/The Yellow Submarine has ever inspired you  in surprising ways, please tell me all about it in the comments, or you can always email me via the contact form! Can’t wait to share this book with you all – more sneak peeks to come 😉 Now, let’s all listen to this gem.

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