Mint on Mint on Mint Ice Cream Cake Recipe - Dessert

Mint on Mint on Mint Ice Cream Cake

What Being An Adult Means To Me.

Last weekend was my 32nd birthday. 3-2. I remember my dad being this age. Something about the number hit me. It’s very adult, isn’t it? I FEEL grown up, and it’s totally weird. Sometimes, I hear myself say things and I think, “DAMN THAT’S GROWN UP. I AM PLAYING THIS ROLE WELL!” But then other times, I hear myself say things and realize that I still have a lot of growing up to do. Like last night, I told my friend’s young daughter to tell a friend she is arguing with to go shove a fist up her butt. Maybe that’s not the best advice to give to a 14 year old? She laughed hysterically and I laughed too, but later I reflected and thought to myself, “Jesus, please don’t listen to me or my advice ever.” [peekaboo_content]

I know it sounds so crazy, but sometimes I still can’t believe that I am free to do whatever I want, whenever I want, like eat ice cream for breakfast (which I did yesterday). I reflected quite a bit on where I was the last two birthdays, and how much life has changed. I realized that almost every single thing in my life is different then it was just 730 days ago. The tiny amount of wisdom I have accrued over the 11,687 days of my life reassures me that all these changes – some wonderful others very hard to bear – are all gifts, wrapped in different disguises. And when life beats me down, I’m a freakin’ grown up and I can make a huge ice cream cake that makes my heart sing, with all my favorite flavors and a ridiculous amount of cookies. Then I can eat the whole damn thing, and no one can do anything about it (except maybe eventually a doctor who will tell me to watch my cholesterol, but thankfully we’re not there yet… At least I don’t think we are. At what age do you have to get your cholesterol checked???)

So, for my birthday, I made my dream of an ice cream: A block of frozen Milano cookies, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and I even threw in some crumbled girl scout cookies for the hell of it. Then I sat down and dug in. Then I ate some breakfast, then I ate a little after lunch and dinner — because who’s going to stop me?

Mint on Mint on Mint Ice Cream Cake




  1. Lay Saran wrap in the spring form pan and push down, so that bottom and sides are covered. Should only be 2 – 3 sheets of plastic.
  2. Put 15 Milano cookies (one full package) in a Ziploc bag. Close bag and crush with rolling pin or wine bottle until the cookies are little crumbs with some chunks.
  3. Melt 4 tbsp of butter (do not burn) and then add to the Ziploc bag of crushed cookies, and mix well to coat everything.
  4. Put in bottom of your springform pan and use your hands (it will get a little messy) to press the butter crumbs into the bottom until you the bottom is covered evenly.
  5. Throw in your freezer for 1 hour. Set a timer for 35 minutes and when it goes off, take out your ice cream to allow it to soften, but leave the springform pan in the freezer for another half hour or so.
  6. After one hour, remove the springform pan freezer and check to make sure that your cookie crumb bottom layer is rock solid.
  7. Take another bag of Milano cookies and stand them up around the side (will be about 20 cookies in total to line the side of the spring form pan).
  8. Take your softened ice cream (should be very soft) and with a spoon delicately press the ice cream into the spring form pan and around the sides. If the side cookies fall down STAY CALM and stand them up again.
  9. Continue to fill and smooth the ice cream into the spring form pan until the cookies lining the side are about half way covered.
  10. Now take your 3rd packet of Milano cookies, put them in a ziplock and crush them up to crumbs. If you have girl scout cookies, crush them up too.
  11. Add the layer of cookie crumbs to the cake.
  12. Your ice cream should now be soupier, which is actually a good thing, cause you’ll want to drizzle it over the crumbs. (Stir your melting ice cream briskly if need be to really smooth it out and make it easy to work with).
  13. Continue to spoon in and smooth ice cream, until the side Milano cookies are almost completely covered.
  14. Put saran wrap over the top, gently smooth down the top of the ice cream with your hand. Put in the freezer overnight to freeze into a minty ice cream dream brick of goodness.
  15. Once frozen, take out of the freezer, pop off the spring form pan and remove the saran wrap. Right before serving, use your chocolate syrup to decorate the top.

Serve immediately (and quickly, please).

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