Hip Hop Foodie Challenge – ode to hip hop – food lyrics in hip hop – Kanye West – Jay Z – Ni**as In Paris – Watch The Throne Imagined Dinner Party

Hip Hop Foodie Challenge: Day 1

Here is Day 1 of the hip hop foodie challenge! Tomorrow (March 28th, 2017), I will post the answer below, but for now, just some hints 😉
1) Is this a woman’s dinner or a man’s dinner?
2) What is served on the plate?
3) What language is the order in? Why?

Artist:Jay-Z and Kanye West

Track: Ni**as In Paris 

Album: Watch The Throne

Lyric: “What she order (What she order) fish fillet”

Photo by: Davide Luciano

Food Styling: Claudia Ficca
Prop Styling: Alex Brannian

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