Food for Thought



What You Think It Means: Genetically Modified Organisms have had their DNA altered by biotech companies, such as Monsanto and DuPont. Most GMO’s are plants, which have been modified to be virus, insect, and/or drought resistant. Pesticides are used on these products, as are insecticides and herbicides. The biotech companies behind GMO’s are quite possibly headed by Darth Vader.

What It Actually Means: All of the above is correct, though the Darth Vader point is obviously a joke (though biotech have not done themselves a lot of favors in shrugging off this reputation). GMO crops are used in animal feed and as ingredients in processed foods on supermarket shelves.

Takeaway:  If you want to avoid GMO foods, shop the periphery of your grocery store and avoid middle aisles as much as possible. The outer aisles are where you will find fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, and dairy. In other words, keep the processed foods in your cart to a minimum.

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