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Impatient Foodie’s first ever gift guide!

Impatient Foodie’s first ever gift guide!

When it comes to holiday gift giving, foodies can be the most fun on your list. There’s the gadget queen who owns everything from a strawberry huller to a raclette lamp. There’s the snobby traditionalist who refuses to cook with anything but hard to find vintage cast iron from French manufactures long defunct but LOVES printed dish towels. And then there is the impatient foodie, the one who loves to cook but is constantly pressed for time and always looking for shortcuts to fabulous meals. The impatient foodie wants to cook but often hesitates because of the mess and the hassle. Whether it’s a high-tech pot that stirs itself direct from Japan or a genius set of measuring cups that resemble laboratory beakers, kitchen gadgets make great gifts for the busy food-lover. With hundreds of new products to sort through, let this list be your guide for the perfect kitchen gift for the impatient foodie in your life.


1. Drop Scale

This amazing kitchen scale connects to an iPad or iPhone to walk you through recipes step-by-step. Want to make blueberry muffins? Drop scale tells you exactly what you need to start and measures ingredients by weight as you go along.  Perfect for impatient foodies who want to know exactly how long each step will take. This ingenious device makes complicated baking a synch.

2. The self-stirring pot

Who needs magic when you can order this Japanese-engineered self-stirring pot! Great for labor-intensive dishes like risotto or delicate pasta like ravioli, this contraption makes it easy to multi-task in the kitchen. There’s no need for patience when this thing is doing the work for you.

3. Herb Scissors

One of the biggest hurdles for getting into the kitchen is the fear of doing dishes. No need to drag out the cutting board and knife, just snip herbs right into the pot or on top of a dish as garnish. These stylish scissors snap perfect pieces of parsley without hassle, saving a busy cook time and dishes.

4. Immersion Blender

Even if you make tomato soup just once this winter, an immersion blender is a must-have. There’s no death-defying dance of transferring hot soup to a blender and back to a pot. Impatient foodies will rejoice! With an immersion blender, you only need one pot and about 45 seconds of blending for perfectly creamy soups. It’s also great for making a large batch of Bloody Mary mix with fresh horseradish.

5. A Rice Cooker

The life of an impatient foodie is drastically improved with a rice cooker. Program it to start cooking an hour before dinner so the rice is ready when you're ready to eat or even set a timer before you go to bed for fluffy rice or oatmeal as soon as you wake up. No more waiting around for the brown rice to cook, praying it isn’t stuck to the pot, you’ll know exactly when it’s done and that it will be perfect.

6. Michael Bras Knife Set

Chefs and foodies always talk about how essential good knives are, in the kitchen and I always thought that was a bunch of froo-froo blah-blah-blah. But you know what? It’s totally true. Having a set of great knives is THE ultimate time saver in the kitchen, and a game changer. My frustration and impatience in the kitchen plummeted from the day I gave in and invested in a set of great knives to help me hack into any situation. No matter what kind of foodie you’re gifting this holiday season, a beautiful set of (extremely sharp!) knives will be a sure success, and the gift that keeps on giving.

7. Electric Cocktail Shaker

Relieve your hostess of last-minute stress with this timesaving gadget. No more shaking a clunky cold metal vessel. Watch the motor whir to life and whip your martini into shape as you move onto the next thing. Perfect for the impatient foodie who likes to throw dinner parties.

8. Dual Pasta Pot

This brilliant invention allows you to cook linguini for tonight and farfalle for tomorrow's pasta salad at the same time. The dual steamers sit side by side so different shaped pastas can cook for different lengths of time. Perfect for using up the last bit of spaghetti in the box that isn’t quite a full serving.

9. Measuring Beakers

Don’t waste time messing around with a keychain of measuring spoons and cups ever again with these easy-to-use measuring beakers. Measure liquids with confidence and style in small amounts with easy-pour spouts. Perfect for baking and cocktail making!

10. Dash Electric Vegetable Peeler

Welcome to the future where perfect shoestring fries come at the touch of a button! This too-good-to-be-true contraption magically peels potatoes, carrots and whatever else you can fit in a few seconds. No more slaving over pounds of potatoes for hash browns, impatient foodies rejoice!






Written by: Ally-Jane Grossan

Design by: Ly Ngo

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