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Farmer D Salad Wraps

I have been waiting to close on a property in Brooklyn for A YEAR AND A HALF. Can you believe it? I can’t. It’s been a nightmare process. Many people ask me why I don’t just let it go and find something else, but I CAN’T. This is my dream home. I walked into this place and immediately fell hard in love. I have looked at other places and nothing feels right. One of the reasons I love this property is because I’ll have my very own, very sunny (!) garden, and I plan to start growing my own food and sharing my triumphs and fails here on Impatient Foodie.

Now, I am real City Slicker – a born and bred New Yorker. When I was growing up, I don’t think I ever went to a farm, nor ever really thought about them. I have killed almost every single plant that has come into my apartment. So for me, growing an edible garden will be no small feat. I need guidance so I have been reading up and attending farming classes and conferences (yes, seriously). I also took an online organic gardening class through Cornell University. The problem I came across in my research is that everything about gardening and farming is so damn scattered all over the place! There is not a good, engaging, centralized, easy-to-read beginner guide to organic gardening that I could find. I downloaded several gardening books onto my Kindle, but I could never get more than 30 pages in – SOOOO BORING!

Finally, I was put in touch with Daron Joffe, AKA Farmer D. Farmer D has run several organic/biodynamic farms all over the USA and just wrote a book titled Citizen Farmers. I LOVE this book because it explains everything about gardening/farming in plain English, in bulleted points, plus it has pictures to explain– perfect for my goldfish brain! These salad wraps are inspired by some recipes he gives in the back of his book, he calls the “Farm Nibbles.” They are a great way to make use of seasonal vegetables and enjoy them in a new way.

farmer d salad wraps


LARGE LEAF GREEN (like collard leaves, swiss chard, cabbage, loose leaf lettuce)
3-5 SEASONAL VEGETABLES, SLICED/DICED (examples: carrots, cucumbers, scallions, peas, peppers, radishes, tomatoes)
HERBS (basil, parsley, chives…)


  1. Thoroughly wash and dry your large leaves. Set aside.
  2. Slice/dice your filling vegetables.
  3. Now take your large leaf, place it flat, and put a small spoonful of hummus in the middle along the spine of the leaf, followed by some of the sliced vegetables (don’t overstuff!)
  4. Add cheese, if you are using it.
  5. Fold the large leaf around the vegetables to make a wrap. NOTE: The “spine” of the large leaf should not bend. You are folding the leaf lengthwise.

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