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Dream Come True: My Interview On Radio Cherry Bombe!

If you’ve never heard of Cherry Bombe Magazine, I gotta tell ya –  you’re missing out. Cherry Bombe is a bi-annual magazine that “celebrates women and food—those who grow it, make it, serve it, style it, enjoy it and everything in between.” Come summer time, I often see it peaking out of many peoples’ bags or laid out across towels while people soak up the sun in parks and on the beach. If you can believe it, at the time of the magazine’s launch, there was not a single outlet that focused on women in food. So when Cherry Bombe finally made its entrance onto the media stage, it immediately made an impact. It’s not just the female focus, its also the fact that there’s simply nothing like it out there: the way its shot, what is espouses, its sense of humor, its themed issues — it always feels fresh and new, surprising and charming. Furthermore, not too soon after Cherry Bombe launched about four years ago, Time Magazine launched its Gods Of Food issue that featured almost zero women. Nothing about female chefs like Alice WatersApril Bloomfield, Nancy Silverton, or Anita Lo (to name just a few). Cherry Bombe’s first vibrant issue immediately disproved Time’s myopic theory that the chef/food world is “a boy’s club”, in the word of their editor Howard Chua-Eoan.

Cherry Bombe’s content and point of view is so fun and compelling that it has quickly grown into an annual conference (The Cherry Bombe Jubliee) and a radio show. Now they’re looking to take it international. Becoming an official member of the “Bombe Squad” has always been a dream of mine. And yesterday, it officially happened! I was interviewed on Radio Cherry Bombe by the one and only Kerry Diamond, founder and editorial director of the brand. I suppose I have been a member of the Bombe Squad from a while back, because I wrote an article for Cherry Bombe’s inaugural issue back in 2013. But yesterday felt like a real initiation because I got to gab to Kerry about my cookbook, which is coming out just FOUR DAYS FROM NOW! (I can’t believe it.)

Kerry and I are friends from way back, when we both worked in fashion and could never have dreamed we’d be working in food. Check out my interview here, where we talk about the realities of skinny models, my haunting, nightmares about blue whales, Vertical Farms, food, and much more. Hope you enjoy!

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