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Check out my interview on Sirius Radio!

My aunt, Pia Lindstrom, had me on her Sirius Radio show a few weeks ago and I wanted to share it with you guys! Click play below to listen in on the interview, or download the interview here: Pia Presents Show Elettra

Pia is my mother’s oldest sister and she was a theater critic for much of her professional life. Pia is now semi-retired and lives between New York City and Florida. But since Pia is a very active soul and can’t sit still for too long, “retired” for her means running a radio show where she has to read several books every single week.

Pia’s radio show is all about talking to and interviewing authors about their new books and since I am an author now (!), I got to go on her show 🙂 Pia got me talking about all kinds of things, including why I never wanted to be an actress (something I get asked all the time), and also a pop-up restaurant I created and ran for a while called GOODNESS. I don’t think I’ve ever written about GOODNESS on Impatient Foodie before, which seems like a big omission now that I think about it!  What you need to know is that I didn’t have gray hair before GOODNESS and now I have a streak of it on the top of my head (thankfully, it’s embedded under a lot of not-gray hair, so you don’t see it that much.).

I’ll let you listen to the interview with Pia to learn about family cooking, acting (or not), and why I started a pop-up restaurant and then decided to shut it down. Obviously, there is lots of talk about the cookbook in there too 😉 Hope you all enjoy!

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