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This Foolproof Salmon Takes Less Than 20 Minutes To Make

Fish can be a real bitch to make. First of all, it can stink up your house. Second of all,  if you’re cooking the fish in a skillet, your stove top will be covered in oil. And thirdly, whether you are cooking on stovetop or in the oven, fish can often end up very dry. You know how to avoid all of this? Bake your fish in the oven inside a parchment paper envelope. This method is also known as cooking “in parchment”, or, if you’re feeling super fancy, cooking “en papillote.” Cooking a whole fish en papillote was one of my first ever posts on this site, but if a whole fish seems ambitious to you, how about starting with a lovely salmon filet? Everyone loves a piece of heavenly, moist salmon! You’re gonna love this salmon even more cause it takes just 4 minutes to prep and 13 minutes to cook.

The way that cooking papillote works is that you seal the food in parchment paper envelope and then it cooks in its own juices. The ingredients cook quickly (and evenly) because they surrounded by moist heat. You don’t have to add water or anything because the food – in this case, salmon – already has water in it. GENIUS.

As some of you already know, I’ve been teasing out some of my cookbook recipes AND cooking them in real time on Facebook Live to prove how fast, easy, and impatient friendly they truly are. The recipe I’ll be previewing today and cooking live (with my little sister, Freya!) is Asparagus And Salmon In Parchment With Lemon-Dill Mayo. Today’s salmon recipe hits all the marks: fast, easy, healthy, delicious, and minimal clean up (yipee!) You can watch the video on Impatient Foodie’s Facebook page and get the recipe for the next 24 hours on my Instagram stories. If you miss those two, well, I guess you’ll just have to BUY THE BOOK.

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