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Salmon Croquettes & How To Cope With Meltdowns

I like salmon croquettes a lot, but I don’t really have anything to say about them. No compelling story, no food memory, not even a recollection of my favorite salmon croquettes I ever ate! So rather than come up with some boring, BS story, I thought I’d just share one of my family’s favorite videos of my little brother, Tyr (aged about 4), having a total meltdown because he “JUST CAN’T GOLF.”

Anytime I am having a bad day, I watch this video and never fails to crack me up. One of the reasons I love this video so much (apart from Tyr being such a total cutie pie ♥♥♥) is that I think we all feel like this sometimes! We all have a little kid inside of us that experiences these kinds of emotional meltdowns, but as we grow up, we learn adult coping mechanisms (or good old fashioned emotional suppression!) But the fact of the matter is sometimes you “just can’t (fill in the blank)!” You can replace the word “golf” in Tyr’s rant with anything – “I just can’t write!”; “I just can’t cook!”; “I just can’t adult!”; etc. – and it still applies. And it doesn’t matter where you are, or who you’re with – you’re just in a bad place and THAT’S IT, OK? Furthermore, in that moment of feeling at the mercy of your sheer frustration and being fed-up, it feels like it’s never going to get better, “NEVER EVER.” Haven’t you been there too? I know I have.

The other thing I love about this video is it shows what a sweet, fun, loving father we have: He acknowledges Tyr is sad and mad, shows emotional support, sweetly talks him out of it and encourages him to get back in the ring…and all the while gently fun of him without Tyr realizing it 😉  When my child comes into the world, I am sure there will be many tantrums to deal with, and, to me, this is a pretty good model for how to relate, laugh it off, and maybe even create a family video gem we can all appreciate for years to come (Tyr is 13 now).

So if you’re having a bad day today, I hope this video helps lift your spirits and makes you laugh, at least a little bit. It’s OK and totally normal to just feel sad and frustrated sometimes, even if it’s for a kind of ridiculous reason. My two cents is to indulge in the sadness for a little bit, then come out of it by doing something nice for yourself…like cooking up some nice salmon croquettes (recipe below).

Easy Salmon Croquettes


For the Croquettes

1 egg

1 green onion, chopped

1 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning

1 (14.75 ounce) can salmon, preferably wild, drained

1 cup panko bread crumbs, divided

2 Tablespoons vegetable oil, divided


For The Sauce

2 Tablespoons mayonnaise

2 Tablespoons Greek yogurt

1 teaspoon sriracha


  1. Beat the egg in a mixing bowl. Add the green onion and the seasoning. Add the fish, breaking it into flakes with a fork. Add 1/2 cup of the panko and mix until thoroughly combined. Divide the mixture into 6 equal portions and form into patties with your hands. Place the remaining bread crumbs on a plate and gently coat each croquette in the crumbs.
  2. In a small bowl, mix the ingredients for the sauce together and set aside.
  3. Heat a tablespoon of oil in a non-stick pan. Place the croquettes in the pan and cook until brown, about 3 minutes, then flip the croquettes, add the remaining oil and continue cooking until brown. Serve with sauce.




Recipe by Amy Sherman

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