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Easy Nutella Pastry Recipe

I had a math tutor in kindergarten. And, yes, I am fully aware of how stupid that makes me sound (and maybe I am). But it’s really just numbers just BORE THE HELL out of me, and they always have. Show me a number (or worse, many numbers) and my brain immediately goes into autopilot. I am nodding and smiling, but in my head I am planning out dinner, thinking about things I need to do later, humming a song in my head, etc. Why am I telling you this? Because my aversion to math and numbers is directly connected to my dislike for baking. In my opinion, cooking is intuitive and you can do it on the fly; You can taste and correct as you go – add a dash of this, a touch of that, and it usually works out in the end. Baking is all about ratios, measurements, and chemistry. I know how to course correct on a savory sauce that is going awry, but if a cake doesn’t rise or a pastry turns out shitty, I have no idea what to do. Tears of frustration have followed.

That’s why when I find a cake recipe that requires none of that, I fall in love big time. This Nutella Star, introduced to me by Tini Ferragamo, is one such revelation. This cake is a sight to behold, and it’s just about genius assembly of three ingredients: Nutella, chestnut jam, and premade pastry dough. Now, you might notice that Tini’s looks larger than mine. That’s because in Italy, they have premade pastry dough that is round and the size of a pizza (NO FAIR!), which I couldn’t find throughout all of NYC. So I ended up using Dufour’s pastry dough (which is rectangular), massaged them together to make a large square, and then cut circle from that. My Nutella star still turned out looking pretty bossy, but it wasn’t quite the grandeur of Tini’s. Then again, nothing I make looks quite like Tini’s, because she’s the master of presentation. I cook something and usually gobble it down before I can even get it on the plate. Tini will take the extra few minutes to make your plate look like a piece of art (like this.) #lifegoals.

This Nutella star seemed like the perfect way to end up this year – an Impatient Foodie friendly dessert that we can all make in no time for our friends and family over the holidays. We can relish all the “ooh” and “ahs”, with very minimal effort on our end (that really sums up what Impatient Foodie is all about!) One final pro tip from Tini: If you twist all the rays one way (like this), the Nutella cake will end up looking more like a sun; If you alternate twisting for the rays and it will look more like a big star. Either way it’s beautiful, and obvies buttery pastry dough + chesnut cream + Nutella is next level delicious. Happy holidays to all and see you again in the New Year – it’s gonna be a big one.

To get the recipe for Tini’s Nutella Star, click here.

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