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No-Bake Desserts That Prove You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

There’s nothing quite like a homemade dessert made from scratch. Personally, I love the idea of baking, but when I actually get down to it I am immediately overwhelmed by the following cascade of experiences/emotions:

  • Annoyed by the long list of ingredients.
  • Bored by all the meticulous measuring.
  • Forgetful/panicked that I didn’t follow all the steps in right order.
  • Impatiently clock watching while the cake/bread/cookies are in my oven.
  • Enraged that I have to allow the damn things to cool before I can eat them or serve them.
  • Irritated as I wash the tower of dishes that I had to use.
  • Befuddled as I  clean up the thin layer of flour that somehow covers my entire kitchen.

In short, I am too impatient to bake. But my negative feelings toward baking probably also have to do with insecurity, because baking is not an exercise in intuition. For example, as I am cooking a sauce I can taste it throughout to know exactly what is needed  to make it just right – like a pinch of kosher salt, or a dash of fresh pepper, etc. But with baking, you can’t do that because it’s largely about chemistry: too much of this or too little of that can throw everything off to leave you with mediocre (or even inedible) desserts.

But that doesn’t mean that impatient foodies have to give up on baking entirely. Why? Because there are excellent no-bake desserts that are low maintenance and high deliciousness. In these three no-bake recipes, Claudia Sidoti shows us how to combine a bunch of easy-t0-find store-bought ingredients and whip them up into delightful sweet treats. With the holidays coming up, these no-bake desserts are a great way to make a contribution to the festivities without having to endure a roller coaster or emotions or stressing yourself out. I hope you enjoy them and happy no-baking!

– Elettra

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