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The Easiest Enchilada Ever

Starting today, I’ll be teasing out some of my cookbook recipes AND cooking them in real time on Facebook Live to prove how fast, easy, and impatient friendly they truly are. Tune in today to watch!  My first Facebook Live recipe reveal comes from my step mother, Thury – it’s her super fast and easy enchilada recipe. Here’s the 411 on Thury: She’s an Icelandic Viking who has raised three wonderful children, and competed in multiple Ironman’s. She “holds the Icelandic woman’s national record for the Kona Ironman world-championship, and is the only Icelandic athlete to compete in that event twice.” She also almost broke 3 hours in the California International Marathon. So, you know, she’s fast and she likes things done fast – and that includes her enchiladas (she also makes a mean fish taco).

What I love about this enchilada recipe is that it’s not really about cooking so much as assembling. All the ingredients for these enchiladas are things you can buy pre-made at the store and just put together when you get home from a long day of work. In that way, Thury’s recipe is similar to my Impatient Foodie 30/6/5 challenge. In those challenges I would show how many meals can be made out of a very short shopping list – check em out!  (PS My videos on YouTube are slim pickens because, to be totally honest,  there’s nothing I hate doing more than making YouTube videos. Lucky for me, technologies like FB Live and Instagram Stories free me from the shackles of YouTube video editing/iMovie – HURRAY!)

To get back to the enchiladas: I’ll be filming cooking them on FB Live in just a few minutes and I’ll also share the recipe on my Instagram Stories today, so you guys can see it for the next 24 hours… If you miss those two things, well, I guess you’ll just have to BUY THE BOOK (yes, I linked to my own cookbook Amazon page twice in one post – I apologize for nothing! 😉


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