Imagined Dinner Party

Potluck Dinner With Mythological Gods of Love and Lust: An Imagined Valentine’s Meal

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, some quality chocolates and a bottle of bubbly are nice, but, really, we need a bit more to whet our appetites and stoke the flames of love. We’ve all turned to the trusty web to inspire creating a seductive atmosphere or cooking a swanky meal with aphrodisiac ingredients, but it can all be a tad intimidating — not to mention cheesy.

So, we decided to scratch all that, go back to the very beginning, and wonder about food and Valentine’s Day from perhaps the most divine vantage point of all. Imagine for a moment that every year on this day, mythological gods and goddesses of love gather for a gabfest over a simple but satisfying potluck meal.

Consider these deities live for (and even embody) pleasure, their offerings would surely be indulgent, including everything from sweet wine to cakes that come from the moon. (Yes, cakes from the MOON! Why not?) While you might think that whipping up food fit for the gods is too hard to achieve at home, we assure you these recipes are doable and only a smidgen involved. Love gods are all about living it up, after all, not busting their butts in the kitchen all day. Read on for all the recipes you’ll need to have your own god-like Valentine’s Day dinner, and prepare to blow some minds (and maybe break some hearts).

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